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Conqueror‘s strategy bundle

Conquer the crown of England, settle exotic Islands and become the Prince of your Catan realm! Prove your tactical skills in great battles and exciting duels!

The three popular two-player board games offer hours of entertainment. All of these strategy games can be played with challenging AI opponents or online with real rivals.

Wars of the Roses
The Wars of the Roses for the crown of England have started again!
Play your might cards deliberately to gain control over large, connected areas. The cunning use of your heroes will foil your opponent’s plans and bring the crown within your reach!

Kahuna takes you to the paradise islands of the South Pacific!
Two priests compete to determine which of them has greater powers. They use their magical powers to build bridges linking the islands to each other. It’s all about clever placement of limited cards for maximum impact.

Rivals for Catan
Be the Prince or Princess of Catan and decide on the fate of its settlers!
This exciting Catan card game challenges you to rule a realm on Catan. Construct cities and settlements, build ships and roads, and hire heroes who make it difficult for your opponents to survive as gamers!
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