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Reiner Knizia's Games Collection

Ingenious and Keltis (iPad)

Games penned by star game author Reiner Knizia grant gaming fun for young and old. With the strategy highlights Ingenious and Keltis you can play two of his best-sellers on your iPad.
Both games are faithful adaptions of the original board games and offer a variety of different game modes. The rules are really easy to learn and a comprehensive tutorial will introduce you to the games.
Keltis HD
The award winning board game – known in the U.S. as Lost Cities– is one of Reiner Knizia’s highlights for the iPad.
Follow the intricate paths of Celtic stones in an exciting race for the highest score.
A clever strategy playing your cards, collecting tiles and choosing paths and some luck of the draw lead to victory. Play as many cards as possible in the right order - but never lose track of your opponents' tactics!
Use the iPad like a game board: The “table mode” and the original graphics create an authentic board game atmosphere. Or play online with up to 3 other players via GameCenter and master even the most challenging achievements.
Languages: English, German
Ingenious for iPad
"Ingenious" is one of the world’s most successful board games – for a good reason: The already addictive nature of the tile laying game is greatly enhanced on the iPad!
Build lines of colour tiles, try and block your opponent, and remember... the winner must excel in all colours!
Play online if you are feeling competitive. Compare your skills with leaderboards and challenging achievements via Game Center. Use your iPad as a “real” board and beat your opponent while sitting opposite to him like in a real board game.Play tournaments with virtual opponents or choose a solitaire game without any opponent.
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
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