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Languages: German, English
Age: from 8 Years

System Requirements

Operating System: Win 8.1 (PC and Tablet)


"Catan", the legendary strategy game provides gaming fun any time, anywhere.

True to the original game, you can compete with up to four players for the most settlements, the longest roads and the largest army. You can trade with each other and claim the precious land with all its resources.
Various Catanians, each with their own individual characteristics, will prove themselves worthy competitors: the pirate Jean, who knows no compromise, Vincent the merchant, who never allows himself to be cheated, Sean the knight, who takes what is rightfully his...

The popular Catan expansions “Seafarers” and “Cities and Knights” are available as In-App purchases.
The complete Seafarers expansion includes more than 10 additional scenarios with an extensive campaign. The Cities and Knights expansion introduces various new gameplay mechanics that add even more variety to Catan. Invest new trade goods in city improvements to build one of the three metropolises of Catan – but beware of the barbarians attracted by Catan’s new wealth! 
An additional upgrade pack including the two special scenarios “Enchanted Land” and “The Great Canal” is also available.
  • Original "Settlers of Catan" rule set
  • Developed in collaboration with Catan designer Klaus Teuber
  • Multi-User game on one tablet with customized UI
  • 10 Smart computer opponents with individual strategies
  • 2 different graphic modes to choose from
  • Freely combinable game settings
  • Situation-related music and sound effects
  • Comprehensive Tutorial and Catan Almanac
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Official Catan website

Official Catan website

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