Thank you very much for using application software published by USM,along with the potential services related to that software.The Privacy Policy terms stated below describe what data is collected during the use of some of our applications.
We appreciate your confidence.  We always employ extreme diligence to implement the highest security standards that ensure your personal data are protected from any unauthorized access.
Terms of Use
United Soft Media Verlag GmbH – hereinafter referred to as "USM" – grants you the single, non-exclusive right to use the software on your individual device for your personal use only.
The term "software" comprises all complete data storage devices or files purchased by you (e.g. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, downloaded files, applications, audio files, Nintendo DS data, etc.), along with all their individual elements, in particular the program itself, and other contents such as texts, images, information, or similar elements, as well as any updates provided by USM.
We herewith inform you that – based on the current technical conditions – we produce software that aims for running error-free in the greatest possible configurations and applications. Thus, we warranty the software that is used according to the description of the product, in its intended purpose, in its up-to-date version on the designated device for the market purpose.
How we receive data
Upon installation and use of our software, no personal information is collected. Certain data are collected in order to anonymously identify your device, and to allow you to activate the software on that device. Furthermore, such data optimizes the user’s feedback to generate statistical reports on software usage and to analyze software errors, as well as to adapt the software to the users’ requirements.
If you choose to register by providing personal data – this is, of course, a voluntary option.
Please see the info on any tracking tools used in the app on the app's credits or info page.
If we used Flurry, you can find additional information on Flurry’s data security in Flurry’s Privacy Policy here: If you don’t agree with this data tracking you can easily opt-out via this link:

We do not allow any business company to make use of our applications in order to collect information that might be used for commercial (advertising) purposes with respect to the company’s target groups.  We will not forward any of your personal data to any other companies, ever.
The user is responsible for all data related to his/her person that are registered by third parties (e.g. high scores, participation in the Game Center, social networks, etc.), and are published, or shared, by applications or software provided by USM. The user declares that he/she is entitled to indicate or disclose such data;   USM claims no responsibility that may arise.