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The Catan universe goes mobile

The Catan universe goes mobile


The Catan universe goes mobile

All the games, all the platforms, a community for all digital Catan players, that’s the new Catan Universe. With Catan Universe players will be able to compete against any other Catan fans worldwide on a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. All any player needs is an account to set off for new islands at any time and anywhere whether you’re on your computer at home or with your smartphone on the train.
The Catan board game is one of the best known board games worldwide. Since its publication in 1995, under the name “The settlers of Catan” at the time, the game of the famous game author Klaus Teuber has become a cult brand, and is now played in many millions of households worldwide. Numerous game expansions and variants ensure ongoing playing fun. The digital versions for PC, Nintendo DS, smartphones and tablets have also already sold millions of copies, and led to the creation of a huge fan base, which will now be united on one digital platform.
As with the original board game, the players of Catan Universe have to build roads and cities, and trade raw materials skilfully in order to become the ruler of Catan. New graphics give a real table top feel.
The Catan Universe release includes the “Catan” board game, the “Cities and Knights” and “Seafarers” add-ons and the “The Duel” introductory card game. More games and scenarios from the Catan world are in the pipeline. Themed editions whisk players off to totally new worlds. The well-known “Vikings” set is already available. More exciting themed editions will follow soon. Players can join guilds with Catan fans from around the world, chat with fellow players and create their own avatar. 
The app is free and the base board game can be played against two players without registering, as can the “The Duel” introductory card game. More content can be activated through the “Arrival on Catan” introduction. Scrolls can also be used to access add-ons and other gaming content for a limited time. The whole base game and all the add-ons are also available as one-off in-app purchases. As a result, everyone can personally choose their favorite Catan versions and permanently activate them. All the purchased and activated content is available for players on every supported platform which they log into using their Catan Universe account. 
Starting now, users can also prove themselves against the huge worldwide Catan Universe community on iOS and Android devices. The app is available in the app store, and on Google Play and Amazon. The game is also already available as a browser version for PC and Mac on, as well as a PC version on Steam.
Catan Universe is developed by USM and the exozet games development studio in close collaboration with Klaus Teuber and Catan GmbH.
Users of the Catan Classic apps can unlock purchased content in Catan Universe. For details please see the pdf or the info in the Catan Classic app.

Have fun with the new app!

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  • Cover für Catan Universe
  • Cover für Catan Universe