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Languages: German, English

System Requirements

Version: iOS 4.0 or later


Follow the intricate paths of Celtic stones in an exciting race for the highest score.

Play numbered cards to move your figures as far as possible along the colored paths of stone and try to collect valuable wishing stones and bonus points on your way to beat your opponents!

A clever strategy playing your cards, collecting tiles and choosing paths and some luck of the draw lead to victory. Play as many cards as possible in the right order - but never lose track of your opponents' tactics!

The game replicates the original Keltis board game and includes the first path of the solitaire mode "Keltis Campaign" which offers a challenging single player experience with increasing difficulty and was created specifically for solo play by the game’s designer Reiner Knizia.

But that’s not all: The three remaining paths of the campaign can be unlocked via In App Purchase. The expansion set "New Challenges" is also available for download as InApp purchase directly from the game.
  • Campaign games that are won with the last possible move are now always properly saved
  • Improved card handling for the draw and discard piles
  • Up to 4 players possible
  • Adjusted placement of some wishing stones in „New Challenges“
  • Adjusted random generator when starting a new game from a saved game
  • Fixed Game Center achievement counter for online games
  • Improved ingame help texts in online games
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