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Languages: German, English
Age: from 10 Years

System Requirements

Version: iOS 7.0 or higher


Monkey Swag

Go with Monkey Swag on a unique journey and discover the untold riches of pirate captain Long John Silverback!

It is told that the legendary pirate buried his treasure a long time ago across the whole of the Coconut Caribbean. With the quirky monkeys, Tessa, Bud and the other crew members, you set off to find the treasure.
Treasure maps lead you through the varying island world and give you clues to bigger and bigger puzzles!
Come across dark caves, active volcanoes and temples of lost civilizations. Cross raging rivers, dark oceans and deep whirlpools. But don’t forget to collect the mysterious fog island material to get your ship, the Flying Banana, back on the water.

As well as a love of adventure, Monkey Swag also requires brainpower. Decode the treasure maps and reveal Silverback’s secret!
  • Master challenging puzzles in more than 100 great levels.
  • As well as this, you will gain more and more insight into basic geometry and will have gained a lot at the end!
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iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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Best Children's Game 2018

Best Children's Game 2018

We are happy to announce that our game Monkey Swag has been awarded "Best Children's Game 2018". Thanks to the "German Video Games Award" jury.


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