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Version: iOS 5.1 or later

Redshift Compact

Discover the universe with the Redshift Discover Astronomy app, and explore the boundless depths of space! The app not only explains what you can see in the night sky above your location on Earth; it even takes you on some spectacular 3D flights across the Solar System and our home galaxy.
Major features of Redshift Discover Astronomy:
• Discover celestial objects: The app tells you which stars, constellations and planets are currently visible in the night sky above your location; furthermore, it shows you the way to any celestial body you want to study.
• 3D flights: Travel to any location within the Solar System; orbit the planets and their moons and land on their surfaces.
• Today’s Sky: Redshift tells you for your current location how the Sun, the Moon, and four major planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) move across today’s night sky.
• Introduction to the astronomy: Ten interactive Guided Tours explain the major facts of astronomy and some fascinating events in the sky.
• Comprehensive database: Browse more than 100,000 stars, 200 spectacular deep sky objects, 40 asteroids, 15 comets, 10 moons as well as all planets and dwarf planets. 
• Images and 3D graphics: Watch detailed representations of the planets and their major moons, as well as breathtaking images of galaxies, spiral nebulae, star clusters and many other deep sky objects.
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iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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