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Redshift Pro - Astronomy

Redshift Pro is the most advanced version of the leading astronomy app Redshift, especially for professional skywatching!
Control your telescope with Redshift Pro and plan your observations with the individually configurable observation planner. With the help of the Sky Diary you will not miss any celestial event.
Premium features:

- Telescope Control for Meade and Celestron telescopes
- Planetarium with more than 2.5 million stars, 70,000 spectacular deep sky objects, 4,000 asteroids, 800 comets and 26 moons as well as all planets and dwarf planets
- Online access to USNO-B1.0-Catalogue ( > one billion stars), to the GAIA DR1 online catalog (> 1.1 billion stars), to the 3D-area of stars from the Hipparcos and Tycho-2 catalogs in the Milky Way galaxy; as well as databases of spacecraft
- Extended observation planner for Sun, Moon, Planets, Satellites and many other celestial objects as well as weather info
- Sky Diary for solar and lunar eclipses, conjunctions, and meteor showers
- 3D models of the Milky Way, of planets, moons, asteroids and comets, bright and planetary nebulae, star clusters and many other deep sky objects
- Eclipse maps and supernova simulations
- Planetary and lunar gazetteers
- 5 basic coordinate systems
- Numerical integration of asteroid and comet movement
- Time interval: on board 1000 - 2500 AD; download 3000 BC – 3000 AD
- Guided tours and astronomical dictionary
Further versions: Redshift Compact for beginners, Redshift for advanced users
Overview of all Redshift versions:
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iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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Updates for Redshift and Redshift Pro

Updates for Redshift and Redshift Pro

The iOS apps Redshift - Astronomy and Redshift Pro - Astronomy have been updated and got many new features. Redshift Pro is now available in 6 more languages: Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.


Cover für Redshift - Astronomy
iOS App (iPhone & iPad)
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