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ISBN: 978-3-8032-7673-5
Languages: German, English

System Requirements

Operating System: Win XP (Service Pack 2)/Vista/7/8/10
CPU type, speed: Athlon/Pentium, 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Resolution: 1024 x 768, OpenGL
Color depth: True Color (32 Bit)
CD/DVD-ROM-Speed: 2-fach
Hard Disk Space: 680 MB
Audio: 16 Bit
Internet access for online features

Redshift 8 Compact

  • Comprehensive planetarium including real-time calculation of positions of stars and planets
  • Fascinating 3-D flights featuring a breathtaking view towards our solar system and options to land of a planet’s surface
  • Impressive representations of planets, all major moons and well-known Deep Sky objects
  • Simulations of 2,500,000 stars (from Hipparcos and Tycho 2 star catalogs), 70,000 Deep Sky objects, 10,000 asteroids as well as 2,000 comets and dwarf planets
  • Professional Sky Diary calculating eclipses and conjunctions for any location
  • The ability to download up-to-date orbital data for 2,000 artificial satellites, comets and asteroids visible from Earth
  • Comprehensive Dictionary of Astronomy and interactive Guided Tours of the night skies, including illustrative images and animations
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