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Lunar Calendar

The art of timing

The Lunar Calendar app includes a comprehensive guidebook as well as free lunar data, covering a period of three months from the day you first use it. Additional calendar data is available as in-app purchases.
Living in harmony with the lunar phases – the helpful app accompanies you day by day throughout the year. The Lunar Calendar based on a work created by the successful authors Johanna Paungger-Poppe and Thomas Poppe imparts centuries-old knowledge about the Moon and serves as a useful guide and calendar for all signs of the zodiac. Even more useful than a horoscope, the Activity Planner will assist you in planning your activities in categories such as health, food, and diet, hygiene, household, house, and garden.

Make use of the lunar phases for perfect timing. In addition, you can graphically display the biorhythms of different persons, and you can perform a biorhythm-partner comparison.
  • Day info on the current lunar phase, sign of the zodiac, as well as element, day quality, food quality, plant part, organ system, and body zone
  • Daily display of favorable / unfavorable activities in the following categories: health, hygiene, household, building construction, and garden
  • Activity Planner: displays favorable times for all 62 activities in the monthly overview
  • Display of physical, spiritual, and mental biorhythms over time and in partner comparisons
  • Comprehensive guide to the phases of the Moon and their effects on different parts of everyday life: health and hygiene, food, household, garden and plants, building construction, biorhythms, and ‘organ clock’
  • Current lunar phases and zodiac signs can be displayed directly on your home screen
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