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Version: Android 4.0.3 or later

Redshift - Astronomy

Redshift brings the night sky to your screen. Explore alien planets, enhance your knowledge with detailed information on astronomy and space travel - and never miss an important celestial event.

  • Discover celestial objects: The app tells you which stars, constellations and planets are currently visible in the night sky from your location; furthermore, it shows you the way to any celestial body you want to study.
  • 3D flights: Travel to any location within the Solar System; orbit the planets and their moons, and land on their surfaces.
  • Observation planner for Sun, Moon and bright planets
  • Comprehensive database: Browse more than 100,000 stars, 70,000 spectacular deep sky objects, 500 asteroids, 16 comets and 26 moons as well as all planets and dwarf planets.
  • 3D graphics: Watch detailed representations of the planets, moons, asteroids and comets as well as bright and planetary nebulae, star clusters and many other deep sky objects.
  • Ten interactive Guided Tours explain the major facts of astronomy and various fascinating events in the sky.
  • Spacecrafts: Observe the satellites surrounding the Earth
  • Night vision mode and many additional panoramas and background sounds
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