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Yoga for Everyone with Patrick Broome

Your personal yoga training

Healthy mind, body, and soul – Start your personal yoga training by creating your own individually effective workout!
Relieve stress by refocusing energy with a Cobra, Downward Facing Dog or Fish to generate it through different areas of the body- a pioneer of Jivamukti Yoga, Patrick Broome shows you how.  Beginners and advanced alike can enjoy and luxuriate in the entire program, single sequences or assemble a unique individual training.  Let go, physically and emotionally.

- Preparation
- Warming up, Refreshing
- Grounding and Strength
- Inversion, Freshness and Clarity
- Energy
- Relaxation
- Breathing Exercises
- Meditation
- Blessing and Chant
  • Videos, pictures and texts explain breathing, posture and dynamic movements of Yoga
  • Various exercise programs suit your diverse needs  in timeframe and focus
  • Individual training choices with our effective sequences that fit your personal goals
  • A choice of accompanying background music
  • Apple AirPlay streams the exercises to your visual media (smart phone, computer, TV)
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Android (Google Play)
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