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The Secret Behind the Heart Magnet

Discover the secret behind your Heart Magnet: Improve your relationships, love yourself more, and enhance your soft skills in a hands-on way.

Ruediger Schache´s international best-selling success started with his book “The Secret Behind the Heart Magnet”. His unique set of complementary meaning-and-answer cards is now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Become an initiate:

Our charisma and feelings are decisive of what kind of people we attract and are drawn to -and how we shape our relationships.
Every time you make a new discovery, it has a direct impact on your inner magnet. As a result, you will attract different people and your current relationships will be enhanced.
The Heart Magnet app makes use of the natural force of attraction, and will help you to draw more and more positive people, fulfilling relationships and enjoyable events into your life.

The inner and outer world

Hardly anybody is fully aware of one´s own personality and attraction on all levels. The Heart Magnet app can assist you on your path to emotional awareness: Simply enter what you observe. The relevant meaning-and-answer card will then appear on your screen. Absorb the message on the card, digest it both mentally and emotionally, and you will gain a deeper knowledge about the situation. You will understand your own heart magnet and that of the other person involved. This will immediately transform your aura.
Or just draw a random card and explore the cause of your feelings. Learn how to change your attraction in a positive way or explore your outside world to find out more about the people you meet, their behavior and ultimately the make-up of their heart magnet

Change – and change your life on all levels

The change in your aura takes place as a result of your constantly growing knowledge about relationships and your improved insights into the people in your life. Not only will your self-exploration result in deeper self-knowledge, but you will also be able to actively create a life of contentment, fulfilment and happiness.
Of course you can also store your insights by adding cards to your favorites or share them with your loved ones via email or sms.
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Valentines special

Valentines special

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